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Lopa Removals

Lopa Removals is a removal company that has totally changed the relocation market and the relocation industry at large by providing flexibility, transparent in their prices and solutions that solves specific needs that their clients have. Below are some of the services offered by Lopa Removals.


Safe Removals of Artwork Crating

Lopa Removals understands the worth of artwork, they also understand that not every item can be wrapped in the woolly blanket for safe transportation, for that reason, they have come up with custom-made wooden crates which keep your art piece safe.


Furniture Lift

Apartment with narrow staircase can cause a lot of inconveniences or even breakage of furniture, that is why the Lopa Removals usually arrange external lifts in such houses. In addition to keeping your furniture safe, the lift also saves time and they are also cost effective. Lopa Removals provides these services in cities such as Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Brussels and other cities in Europe.


Protect Your Mattress

Personal items such are mattresses are items you cannot take chances with while transporting since when exposed to dirt they might cause illness. For that reason, the Lopa Removals have strong plastic covers which not only protect the mattress from dirt but also damage during transportation.


Sofa Covers

Lopa Removals have plastic covers that they use to cover the sofas, the plastic covers ensure that the sofas stay clean and safe no matter the weather conditions.


Dissambly and Reassembly

Funiture such as wardrobes, big beds, and tables are at times impossible to transport while assembled that why the Lopa Removals provide disassembly services for such furniture. After being dissembled the furniture are then covered with a Funisoft wrap or the plastic covers to ensure safe transportation. On reaching on your new home or the destination for that matter, Lopa Removals reassembles the furniture immediately in that you can start using the furniture within no time. Click on for more information.

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